Esalen® Massage is the bodywork component of the exploration of human potential at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.   Esalen® Massage is a luxurious, oil massage experience designed to help you activate your innate healing intelligence.   I am a certified Esalen® Massage therapist. I guide you into a deeply relaxed, slow brainwave state, and explore your body's areas of holding, using music, movement, stretching, rocking, and enveloping of the body to awaken cellular memories of how the body moves naturally and easily and joyfully.   Long strokes from head to toe, addressing front and back, right and left simultaneously, help you to feel your wholeness.

"This ought to be illegal!"
-- an anonymous client

Esalen® Massage feels like the massage you've never even imagined yet have always craved.   Slow, nurturing, deep energetic connection, softening, sinking, the effects are balancing and harmonizing, moving everything in the organism back to normal.   Your attention is guided out of your mind into your body, where healing arises in response to the dialogue which we create with your DNA: neurocellular re-education.