Spiritual Massage is a hands-on healing practice that works directly on the energy body, balancing the chakras, cleansing old thought forms, and gently facilitating release of emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages, allowing for infusion by the Lightbody.   The Spiritual Massage session uses a step-by-step process to open energetic centers and remove excess energy.  

During a Spiritual Massage session, you will lie fully clothed on the massage table for approximately an hour. The therapist will assist you in cleansing and releasing emotional and energetic attachments, and excess energy accumulated over your lifetime.   Spiritual Massage is a gentle yet energetically powerful holistic treatment, facilitating your innate spiritual intelligence to help you work as your own healer.

"Several months ago, I had the opportunity to experience a light body infusion massage under the guidance of Gary Wallace and an assistant.   I am a massage therapist and have received treatments in many different modalities.   During the process, I felt pain and obstructions in my body drawn out as if by a vacuum cleaner.   They were replaced by a strong sense of Spirit, and the feeling that the body was charged with electricity.   There is great healing power in this work that must be experienced to appreciate.   What Gary offers is what is needed now in a time when we understand that there is a direct connection between our mind, body and spirit."
-- Ken Lidoff, CMT

This healing treatment is particularly powerful for people who are suffering from emotional distress, heartache, depression, and other stuck emotional and spiritual patterns.   The release of these emotional imbalances is immediately apparent during and after the session, with clients frequently feeling overjoyed by the relief from suffering, with a sense of renewed hope and clarity.   It is so gratifying to see the expression of gratitude and unconditional love on the faces of clients who have become unburdened from their emotional pain during a Spiritual Massage session.

"Gary is a natural healer and in one session, I felt some relief from stress, tension and losses that I'd not processed in some time.   He has a wonderfully relaxed and comfortable style that allowed me to open up and peel away several deep layers of armor.   Through several processes, including the crystal matrix healing, I was able to do some initial healing.   I'll definitely continue with him.  I highly recommend him!"
-- Michael Shaffran, MSW, LCSW and Psychotherapist

Gary studies Spiritual Massage with Brazilian trance medium Maria Lucia Bittencourt Sauer, who has been teaching Spiritual Massage for over 30 years.   Maria Lucia began her practice at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, and travels the world extensively teaching her form of energetic and spiritual healing.